StudentCam Prize Winners

StudentCam is C-SPAN's annual national video documentary competition that encourages students to think critically about issues that affect our communities and our nation. 2023 marked the 19th year of the competition and we invited middle and high school students to create a short documentary addressing the theme: "If you were a newly elected member of Congress, which issue would be your first priority and why?"

11th grade students Harrison Mugo, Anish Jonnalagadda, & Zaara Mohammed from Imagine International Academy of North Texas in McKinney, Texas won 3rd Prize for their documentary, "A Mounting Deficit and Debt."

C-SPAN is funded by America’s cable and satellite television companies, who also support StudentCam. In McKinney, C-SPAN is available locally through Spectrum.

"“At Spectrum, we understand the importance of investing in programs that make a meaningful impact in the communities we serve,” said Adam Falk, Senior Vice President of State Government Affairs for Charter Communications, which operates the Spectrum brand of connectivity services. “By encouraging young adults to explore important issues through video, C-SPAN’s StudentCam competition helps empower future generations to become active and informed citizens. We congratulate the team for the exemplary production skills and the passion and creativity they demonstrated through their winning documentary.”

More Information:
WATCH: A Mounting Deficit and Debt by Harrison Mugo, Anish Jonnalagadda, & Zaara Mohammed

Texas Governor Greg Abbott presents the team with a Certificate of Special Recognition

As 3rd prize winners, Zaara, Harrison & Anish will receive a $750 cash prize

C-SPAN Founder Brian Lamb and co-President Susan Swain present the team with a Certificate of Special Recognition