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Our FAQ page has answers to many of the common questions that you may have about the competition. If you would like to speak with a member of C-SPAN's Education Department about any aspect of the competition, you can contact us directly.

Send an email to us at: educate@c-span.org

or call weekdays between 9:00am-5:00pm ET at: 202-626-4858

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Free Social Studies and History Resources for Teachers

C-SPAN Classroom is a web site for social studies teachers and includes many free resources including:

Timely Teachable Video: Current event and other timely video clips for your social studies, history, and economics classes.

Bell Ringers: A variety of video clips with associated key vocabulary terms, and related discussion questions. Use them to begin class, as an in-class activity, or as a homework assignment to introduce a new topic with real world examples of civics in action.

Lesson Ideas: A variety of handouts and lesson ideas with examples of how to incorporate C-SPAN’s resources into the social studies classroom.

Constitution Clips: Our Constitution Clips section combines the text of the U.S. Constitution with C-SPAN video to provide an interactive learning experience for both teachers and students.