StudentCam Prize Winners

StudentCam is C-SPAN's annual national video documentary competition that encourages students to think critically about issues that affect our communities and our nation. This year students were asked to create a 5-6 minute long video exploring the issue they most want the president and new Congress to address in 2021.

9th grade student Theo Poulin from Williamsville South High School in Williamsville, NY won Grand Prize for his documentary about political division and lack of trust in government, "Trust Fall." As this year's Grand Prize winner, Theo has won $5,000 in prize money.

C-SPAN is funded by America’s cable and satellite television companies, who also support StudentCam. In Williamsville, C-SPAN is available locally through Spectrum.

"Spectrum is committed to strengthening the communities where we live and work through unique educational programs like C-SPAN’s StudentCam competition," said Adam Falk, Senior Vice President, State Government Affairs for Charter Communications, Inc., which operates the Spectrum brand of TV, internet, mobile and voice services. "These students have not only adapted to the numerous educational challenges this year, but have risen above those difficulties to create thought provoking documentaries. Charter would like to congratulate Theodore and all the recipients on receiving this honor."

More Information:

As our 2021 StudentCam Grand Prize winner, Theo has won $5,000 in prize money

Pictured: Theo Poulin

Governor Andrew Cuomo - Certificate of Special Recognition

Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul - Congratulatory Message

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer- Congratulatory Message

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand - Congratulatory Message

Williamsville, NY Mayor Deb Rogers - Congratulatory Message

Madison, WI Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway - Congratulatory Message

Reason Magazine Editor-at-Large Nick Gillespie - Congratulatory Message

Michigan State University Professor Dr. Joseph Hamm - Congratulatory Message

NY State Assemblymember Karen McMahon - Congratulatory Message

NY State Senator Ed Rath - Congratulatory Message

C-SPAN Founder Brian Lamb and co-President Susan Swain present Theo with a Certificate of Special Recognition